1. Accounting

The human resources team and the accounting department can save time for managing every payroll detail manually. Thus, the payroll system can eliminate the scope of miscalculation and placement of the critical data in a wrong file. An appropiate Payroll service is provided .

2. Payslips

Employee salary payslips are generated. Their's salary are calcualted on the basis of leaves, lates, early going, part times, working on holidays and others. Several reports related to payslips and employee service are also provided.

3. Keeping Track of Earning

One of the best features of this payroll system is that it manages the earnings of the employees. Thess elements are:

4. Tax Calculation

Another feature of our payroll System service is to execute the task of tax filing and computing. With the features of payroll , the employee taxes are filed within the deadline. This way, the chances of facing penalties are avoided.

5. Cash Deposit to Account

One of the best features of payroll applications is that the payroll is deposited to the employee's bank account directly. It saves huge expense on the annual supplies and processing. It can also take care of any fraudulent activities related to the employee’s salary. The funds are transferred within no time directly from the company account to the employee account.

6. Highly Secure

For restricting the highly valued resources like the tax files, employee personal details, and payroll information, the software has password protection. With the comprehensive audit trails, the security feature also focuses on the control access. This takes care of sensitive information to the highest degree. The addition of record level security can save the company form fraud cases at an optimal level.